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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> despite the booze, a-rod hit a single. thanks for being with us tonight. see you again tomorrow night. go to a lot happening. good night from washington. good night from washington. guilffoyld and bob beckel and she naps on the deck of her malibu barbie dream house with dana perino. it is 5:00 and we are open for business. 20 embassies across the globe are closed this weekend due to terror chatter. well, not really across the globe, in certain parts of the globe. let me put it this way, if you are anywhere christians are welcome, you are okay. so they are closed for fear of attack, what movie is responsible for this? shark nato? "smores 2"? -- "smores 2"?
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but they don't just raise questions, they also raise the dead. i thought al-qaeda was deceased. now i realize it is the paul mccartney of terror groups and their death was a hoax. if al-qaeda is no longer a serious threat what constitutes a serious one? this? these? this? if al-qaeda was no longer a threat anthony wiener was no longer a perv. i am not making light of this. i never thought al-qaeda was dead and i wish valerie jarod -- i mean president obama was right the first time. but the scary part report really the threats, but that officials say our response to the threats is a lesson learned from benghazi. the lesson is close up shop because we can't protect you. that's no lesson. either you bolster security or you get the hell out of the hell holes, but you don't close up shop. sooner or later the sign in the door will go from closed to open and evil will return. it won't be there asking for
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directions. so, kimberly, you look delightful in green. they will be closed until next saturday. at some point they have to reopen. what do you do? >> people feel insecure about the united states being able to protect them and they close up shop. they try to figure something out or the chatter stops. that's when you will be at your most vulnerable. as soon as we open back up, that's when we will get hit. there has been a little activity in terms of predator strikes, but no major casualties from that of any of the known leaders. hopefully we have developed some of the target lists and getting more information and some people need to be taken out probably immediately. >> jesse, the intel community think they disclose too much information. do you think that is true? >> i do. i think when you a that the intelligence came from yemen and that it was specifically targeted for a specific period of time, and
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this goes back to a lot of the other things the administration has leaked. the virus with the israeli attack on the iranian nuclear program and what they leaked about the bin laden raid. i don't know why the administration is saying all of these specific things because now all of the 13 suspensions handed down resources that we have and all of the people that we have and the hammer fell hardest on gathered the intelligence from the highest paid player in in these dangerous countries, baseball history. why would they cooperate with alex rodriguez who signed contracts worth more than 350 us? >> they wouldn't. million in his c.reer. >> he makes a good point. he was suspended for games. should president obama be impeached? >> i am drafting articles myself over the weekend. first of all, let me make a yankees manager will speak and few comments. nsa picked up some chatter. a-rod at 6:15. it is about time they got back stay with fox news for the into the business they are supposed to be in. details. >> i would have suspended him for less. secondly, al-qaeda has made it let me tell you why. a point for years now not to i feel like after the strike use cell phones phones and other communications. dana made a point that maybe what happened was the ratings they are desperate now. were terrible in baseball and everybody started juicing and my guess is some of this may knocking home runs and they have been to throw us off. fell in love with the chase. the third thing is if we they looked the other way
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hadn't closed the embassies while these guys were juicing up. and something happened, you would have been all over us as barry bonds' head grew 12 a result. the last thing i will say to inches. you is embassies have been and then he wants to protect his legacy. closed for the last 75 years the commissioner hillary tire soon so he wants to come down as various circumstances have hard on these guys. he picks a villain, a-rod. dictated. this may be more than most no one likes him and doesn't closures, but it goes back to have friends. cameron diaz feeds him popcorn teddy roosevelt. i would not consider this to be an american weakness. in the stands. he kisses a mirror. he has two oil paintings >> i agree. >> and the other thing is the yemens are not this rogue hanging above his bed. he is not a likable guy. >> how do you know about his bed? agent and our research here is >> a little birdie told me. >> when you see a sped limit clearly a guy who is upset in the right winger. for 14 miles an hour, how did >> it is like the bar scene they get to 211? and where they hang out. that's the deal. >> it is a season and a half. >> let me ask you. >> the world is plagued by guests who wouldn't leave. critics of the nsa would say this is really convenient for a-rod is the anthony wiener of this to happen. baseball which is funny because his name is a-rod. while these programs are under you can't blame these guys. fire and snowden is embarrassing us and now we can say look at all of this we >> did you just say that? uncuffed. >> if you can take something that makes you better at your uncovered. >> i am uncomfortable talking about intelligence things because in a previous life i job, why not? would say we are not do you know how bill hemmer
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commenting on this. now we have so much more information in the public. looks so good? he injects live mice into his david sanger of the new york face. times wrote a piece yesterday in which he talked about there brian harvests his hair from is too much classified information in the poor children in india. government. i think he is probably right. >> what do you think about this? but something like this where you talk specifically about >> i think a-rod will try and sources and methods and how milk this for as much as he people are communicating with can, but he has $120 million one another, terrorists are on the line if he sits out the communicating with one another, to me it does seem rest of 2013 and all of 2014. over broad. however, the threat to the -- he can be 40 and he is done and he won't have played for a to our libyan embassy was very year. specific. ambassador chris stevens sends >> i agree with jesse. a letter specifically saying i think he should be gone for life. we have a threat assessment on them bough see. bud selig should think of that was a specific thing. another line of work. jesse, it has been good to i am fine if people learn have you here. one more thing right now. lessons, that's okay. i am comfortable talking about sources and methods. i do think this is not a ♪ partisan issue. come play sen see is america's biggest enemy. al-qaeda knows that. and so if we have to be vigilant for -- vigilance doesn't stop after a month. an interesting thing from a foreign policy aspect is is
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president obama responsible for al-qaeda's morphine and evolution? >> i don't know about that. >> maybe it is not. >> i know one of the reasons for the increased chatter here is a lot of these prisoners have escaped from where we have been holding them, and we have been releasing a lot of them. they had the abu ghraib released. and in afghanistan we have a program where we pay militants to leave the battlefield. they get to keep their guns. they just have to sign on the dotett line and we hillary integrate into the -- we will reintegrate into the community. >> on sundays everybody knows i like to watch the sunday shows. here is a mantage of the terror threat. >> is the threat to blowup an embassy, a consulate or something else? >> that part is unspecified. the intent seems clear. >> the intent is to what? >> it is to attack western and not just u.s. interests. >> this is an effort to
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terrorize us and to drive us out of the mideast. if we ever take the bait and try to create fortress america you will have another 9/11. >> this is one of the most specific threats i have seen since 9/11. >> this is a wake up call. al-qaeda is in many ways stronger than it was before 9/11. >> bob you just went -- >> the truth is the al-qaeda that orchestrated 9/11 has been december mated. decimated. the name has been inherited by a number of terrorist groups and so in fact it is alive and well if you want to call it, but it is not the same al-qaeda. by the way, releasing prisoners from guantanamo and other places went back from the bush administration to the obama administration. we have done it for perfectly legitimate reasons. there was over crowding down there, and they need to get them out. some did get back into the game. most of them did not. >> it drives me crazy. >> there was 30% raw --
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recedivism. >> what is the problem with the over crowding? you are prisoners. >> you are in a tropical paradise and you get to play soccer. >> the soccer is expense tiff. expensive. some of those people have provided and continue to provide as i understand it u.s. intelligence overseas where they went back home. >> kg, do you have a problem with bob? >> i do. love you, bob, however i have to take issue every time you say al-qaeda has been december mated, they -- decimated, they have not. they shape shift. the current leadership is all former exgitmo detainees that are now smarter, better and have more cash in their pockets and fostering new attacks. they have strong connections to pakistan. this is the new face of terror and they are bolder and stronger. to say we december -- decimated is to put us at an advantage and that is not an
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accurate statement. >> george bush kept a people on the cards. he got rid of virtually the entire top leadership of al-qaeda with the exception of osama bin laden who eventually was caught. >> now we agree. bring bush back. >> i don't see this as partisan. i am not making it partisan. >> you keep talking about the two presidents and this is america. if a come play sen see is our biggest enemy we should work together and say, look, do you trust the government, or do you not? these guys are outside and skepticism is healthy in a look what they are doing. democracy. they are thrusting their -- every bit of skepticism they got today and for the >> the american public does not know what you are talking administration was the same as about. but we will get his number. the bush administration. >> it is a dad and his boys. i think that is probably a good thing. >> doesn't decimate mean you >> kimberly, you bring this out in all men. destroy everything but families of men. one-10th of one percent? >> one more thing. >> so this is really great. >> i am not sure of the exact this is the puertorican day definition. >> can you get back to me parade in cleveland. 1234* we are talking talking you can see her there and she about al-qaeda being is truly the miracle of decimated. >> there should be no doubt. cleveland when she escaped and was so brave being held
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today america is stronger and captive by ariel castro. al-qaeda is on the path to she was out there celebrating defeat. we decimated al-qaeda's and people were waiving and it leadership. >> al-qaeda is on the path to was a latino fest. defeat and bin laden is dead. they said it was inspirational >> we december saw -- that they are doing so well. decimated al-qaeda central and she said our work is not done and we have more beautiful eliminated osama bin laden. children who need our help. >> al-qaeda is much weaker we need to keep our eyes and than it was when i came into office. ears open. don't let the children go in >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. vein which is an important meage and people held up >> the war in afghanistan is coming to a close. posters and boards of the al-qaeda is on the path to missing children. defeat. >> perino. >> one of the things you osama bin laden is dead. >> today the core of al-qaeda probably have been missing out in afghanistan and pakistan is on is your jasper update. on the path to defeat. >> why? >> do you want to see how this dog can jump into a pool? their remaining operatives this was yesterday. spend time thinking about their own safety than plotting we are going to enter the against us. contest. >> pakistan where you get poke >> i like how you ask america. >> america, do you want to see marks. >> if you notice they said my dog jumping into the pool? al-qaeda in afghanistan and >> like they have a choice. pakistan are on the run and he it is like you didn't even let is exactly right. them answer. >> do you think that is the most said no we are tired of message they were trying to your dog, dana. deliver from the white house >> you are wrong. if we took a poll it would be to america during the 2012 like the old poll where 99% election was they were being specific about al-qaeda and agree with me.
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pakistan? >> if i had a pole i would that's not what they meant at all. that's why they are in -- i chase your dog with it. >> two married couples decided support them. but when you start watering to handcuff themselves down the global war on terror together for 48 hours. for political reasons -- man, you talk about death >> it is not a question of penalty. watering it down. is al-qaeda left in afghanistan? they both, woulded for the no. is it in pakistan? no. colbert report and their names >> all of that stuff was the are mark and his wife reason why they played down kristine. benghazi before the election. they both said that after 48 hours they wanted some time it was alive. apart. it was well, and it is coming no kidding. back. >> so there is no more think about this, how in the terror? they have tenticles and now world did they do certain they have different names and things? it must have been sort of different factions and they are still bold and operating >> terrible. >> well, you can guess where i to the point we consider it a am going with this. 48 hours changed to anybody -- credible threat. by the way, if i was an chained to anybody would be embassy i would say shut it tough unless it was beyonce. down because i know no one is going to help me if i am >> it is true though. i always think about the worst part of being a siamese twin. getting attacked for self-hours even though they will get some help to get me out. >> you can play word games. >> you know what i would do for a charity event, i would they tried to sell us -- they chain myself to bob for 48 were december mated -- hours. >> if i could raise money for decimated before the a children's charity. election. they are obviously not. i might chew my arm off, but they said the war on terror is over, and it is not. other than that.
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we are closing a record amount >> that's what they call of embassy -- embassies. coyote ugly. >> jesse. >> so the k ng of the ring susan rice, where is she? oprah winfrey has not weighed the last time i heard from hershey was holding meetings in on the trayvon martin and with john carey who was on his george zimmerman case so far yacht the last time in egypt. until today. on "the today show" here is and then james clapper, the what she said. director of national intelligence who lied to >> it is so easy during this congress. time, trayvon martin parallel it is a huge tri-fecta. to emmitt till. the big speech he gave three in my mind, same thing. months ago when he said the war on terror is over. but you can get stuck in that >> technically he didn't say that. >> look it up. and not allow yourself 20* we will have it on tape for move forward and to see how far we have come. you when we come back. >> so here is the deal for >> you are hoping. >> you said technically. those of you who don't know is that the word? >> if you read between the who emmett till is. lines which i know you can do, a 14-year-old black kid in bob. i know you can do. mississippi, 1955 and flirted he did say essentially the war with a white woman and a few on terror is over as we know days later two white racists it, and it is not. >> dana, now, what is the attacked him and shot him to lesson? death. they said -- sources say now this is who she is officials have learned lessons from benghazi. comparing this to, trayvon is the lesson close the door? martin. >> i don't know specifically what that lesson is. i feel like oprah diminished i do from a macro political
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her brand here. it was a big missed standpoint. opportunity for oprah i think it is key for the winfrey. president of the united states i was expecting her to take to have to rally the nation the high road and elevate the conversation and to bring the when you are at war. country forward and add a little unity here. war is tiring. america is tired of being at instead she made this war. when people think of that it atrocious analogy and i am a is specific to iraq and little disappointed in oprah. afghanistan. >> that was an awesome i understand that piece of it. the president has to rally and chandelier. remind people that the vigilance is so important. on the nsa program in banned phrase. particular, if the decimate. communication between these two terrorists that lead us to did we discuss this in the a information and said we had to block? i must have got 150 tweets shut something down, does that not mean the nsa program is telling me exactly what worth something and could someone in the administration decimate means and that the president was using it besides general alexzander incorrectly. i disagree. he was using it correctly. have to go out and try to defend it? to decimate is to kill every we are trying to defend the 10th man. president's use of a program that is very important. so technically 90% of al-qaeda he won't even help us is still in operation. acknowledge it. president obama is saying, acknowledge the importance. yes, we have 10% and we have >> it is incredibly 90% left. that's all i want to do. important. it intercepted overseas the >> technically that's what he meant. people that were terrorist threats to the united states. so stop using decimate. >> if we stop using the words >> how do you know? you tell us not to use we can't talk anymore. how do you know that the >> i want to ban every word. communication between these
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two phones didn't come through >> you have to get out of here. the united states? >> that's it for us on "the that's the only way you five." thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. know -- see what i mean? "special report" is up next. they could be using the lone it is great. wolf terrorist in boston to communicate back and forth. we don't know. the nsa has lots of different numbers so they can try to find out what is going on. >> if we can believe peter welcome to "red eye." it is like dude where's my car king -- >> peter king has top secret if by car you mean my photo clearance that is briefed by the calia. album with lo u-dabbs. -- cia. >> he said it was chatter within the peninsula. i cried h nighs arms, don't it was not chatter. you know. >> how did you know? now to andy levy for a pre >> that's what he said. >> how do you know he is game report. andy, what is coming up on wrong? tonight's show? >> he said it. i will give him that. >> thanks, greg. >> it goes to the same line. our top story, anthony weaner you can't find needles unless and bob filner. you have a hey stack. we will check in on these two you need the grid to connect the dots. important members of president >> and you have to employ a lot of people to constantly be obama's party. and the suspension for alex looking for the needles. rodriguez and 12 other players it is expensive, but it is the most important thing we can do for using performance-enhancing drugs. to protect ourselves. we will update you on new >> how long do you think we have to keep this going? developments and a sad >> forever. >> the thing is it is not the situation unfolding on president obama's watch. and finally could the running war specifically. it is a mind set from the of the
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muslim world. it is a certain set of the muslim world who have declared war against us. it would rather be our lifetime. >> i would have a war on terror than a war on drugs. if we are going to fail -- >> i can guarantee it failed. >> the minute you say it is over is the minute you lose. >> the attacks are scheduled for sunday which was the night of power where the fears versus -- first versus of the koran were revealed to mohamed and some were encouraged to kill infidels. >> what was it like on the set of "smurfs 2". >> i was a stuntman or stunt smurf. i got to meet a lot of them and they like to party. what am i talking about? major league baseball just dropped the hammer on a-rod and 12 other players suspected of doping. so what is a-rod's punishment? stay tuned to find out. that's a tease, people. ♪ ?oit
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>> do you think jesse waters looks like david schwimmer from "friends"? the group that promotes its agenda held several events across the country to help sell obamacare. but they didn't exactly draw the masses in virginia, only uno unopersona showed up about 20 miles from the nation's capital. meanwhile dozens of conservative lawmakers are threatening a government shutdown if an upcoming bill has obamacare. paul ryan doesn't think so. >> we all want to repeal and replace obamacare. it is not a matter of whether we want to get rid of obamacare. we are having a debate about the best course of achieving that goal, the best strategy. with the government shutdown so to speak we are talking discretionary spending. but it doesn't affect entitlements. medicare and social security,
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the entitlement continues on and even under a government shutdown scenario it is not that simple and easy. >> the former south carolina senator who is now running the hair 10 foundation sees it this way. >> this may be the last opportunity to stop. it there is no republican i am aware of who wants to shut the government down. the whole point is we need to fund the government. we should not fund obamacare. >> i call on you. >> if it is not working i hillary lay the message. i think the organizers for president obama's birthday celebration on obamacare should have thought it throughment it was one of the most beautiful days weather wise. it is sunday in august before kids are going back to school. they don't want to go to an obamacare party to talk about how great it is. so they set themselves up for a pr failure there. every day you can find another person and another group,en tau see, union, whoever else it might be that are saying they don't like it.
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in fact, the wall street journal said even 48% of the uninsured think it is bad policy. dl is a steep -- there is a steep upward hill to climb. i understand why there is the fight among -- or the disagreement among the republicans about strategy on how to go forward. i don't know how it will end. i am waiting for bob to bail me out. >> i will bail you out because ryan is right. when you talk about shutting down the government, are you talking about kiss creationary spending -- about discretionary spending. they are shutdown because they are discretionary. when they did this initially they opted out of social security, medicare, medic cade anden -- medicaid and entitlement. it is there. the question is are you going to be in a position politically to take iu apart. that means you need a republican president and a good majority -- you need a majority in the senate. i don't think it is going to happen. the question is are you going
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to live with it, or are you going to change it? >> you are not going to dismantle it. >> i think if they had some sense they would do two things. they would sell insurance across the state lines and do tort reform. >> where were you during the debate? we could have used you, bob. >> i tried to get the message through. i respect what the republicans are trying to do. i understand that. once you have an entitlement you give free stuff and the subsidees start rolling out and you can't take that away. the tenticles are in. that's like poison. try to take cash from someone. but the problem is i don't trust the republicans and their communication strategy and the leadership to win a shutdown fight with president obama and the mainstream media. i think they will blink and i think they will cave and i don't think president obama is going to let his signature piece of legislation be de funded because the republicans shutdown the government.
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it is not going to happen. what will happen might be a better strategy is to let this thing crumble under its own weight. once the fines come in and once young people -- >> you can delay -- if you push to delay the individual mandate, i think that could happen. >> now i would like to call on will im. >> i love the one person showing up for the obamacare event. she showed up thinking it was traffic school. the thing is, is it possible to actually shut it down. i don't think it is. the debate is a waste of time. it is like going to the gym and spending an hour doing yoga. all of that effort for no reward. i agree with jesse. i think you just let this thing implode. you can't keep feeding america poop and telling them it is godiva. that is what is happening with obamacare. it is not godiva. it is poop. we are living in a time when -- where celebrity opinions on health care are more respected and valued than doctors. real doctors hate this. but people who play doctors
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like it. >> that is poop. >> i was going to say that you can say all you want about this thing, but what is it going forward? will it fall from its own weight? how? it is still legislation and you need enough republicans to treat it. >> i guess my fb is not working. i guess i have to go. i am having a moment. >> what is an ifb? >> what does it stand for? >> it stands for -- >> this is where they talk to us. >> internal full back. >> now i am distracted by the godiva chocolate. everyone keep sending me that and keep it coming. >> a 13-year-old boy is brutally attacked by three other teens on a school bus while the driver just looks on. he called for help, but should he have stepped in to help the young victim. you will hear from this bus driver. and later oprah winfrey makes her first public comment about the trayvon martin tragedy.
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all of that and much more on "the five." ♪
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welcome back to "the five." this is a very disturbing story from florida. a 13-year-old boy was brutal be beaten by three older kids on a school bus by the driver -- while the driver looked on. the attack happened last month, but the video was just released. take a look. >> somebody has to stop. i have a fight and i need help in a hurry. i need help in a hurry. i got a fight. nothing i can do so get here in a hurry. leave the boy alone. leave the boy alone! leave
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him alone! >> the voice you heard saying leave him alone was a 64-year-old bus driver john moody. moody told wfla in tampa he didn't do anything wrong. listen so this. >> the three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him. i did all i can. it was like i was in shock. i was petrified. i wanted to help him so bad. >> so the beating left the 13-year-old with a broken arm and two black eyes. kimberly asked the question, why didn't he do anything? the three 15-year-old suspects have been charged with aggravated battery. it seems like the least bit should happen, but what about the bus driver? any response belt -- they say he didn't have any responsibility. >> that's pathetic. i would welcome the day i am fired from my job because i jump in and save a child. it is just disgusting. there is no humanity left. jump in and help the boy. he is getting beaten.
11:32 pm
he could have been beaten to death. he could have had a serious head injury. he broke his arm and black eyes. it is awful. >> those guys seemed big to be beating a 13-year-old. there is a report that apparently the 13-year-old boy had told the school earlier that some of these guys were trying to sell him drugs so he maybe told them something. >> and didn't buy it. >> i will disagree with kimberly. i feel for the bus driver here. he is 64 years old. >> he is a big guy. >> he is an older gentleman. he has had a spot less record driving this bus. these 15-year-olds were raining hey makers down on this poor kid. these were not little kids. they were big boys and slugging it out. it is not like he sat there and cranked up the radio. obviously from the interview afterwards he was very emotional. he says he has lost sleep over this. >> well, i hope. >> it is a tragedy. >> i don't feel bad for him at all. >> he was scared. >> i don't feel bad for him at all. >> every one of these bus
11:33 pm
drivers -- most have axes by the way to break out windows in case something happens. >> so use an ax on the kids? >> i would have used an objection on the kids in a second. let their parents come and sue me. he is a big guy. >> that's right, bob. >> those punks would not have -- if he went after them -- >> bob, we need to be upset with the kids. we don't need to be upset with the bus driver. we need to be upset with the parents who let the kids to bring hell on to these boys and the kids who videotaped it with their iphones and did nothing. >> i agree with bob. the bus drive should be armed. not with bats, but with guns. this is a direct consequence of a dying morality based on a break down of families. i am willing to bet each of those guys is from a broken home and we now have adult males terrified of kids. florida is now the clockwork orange state where adults are
11:34 pm
terrified of children. fear creates paw paralysis that allows thugry. we have to stop being scared of young people. >> let me ask you something. do you want to put your kid on that bus? if that happened to my kid that bus driver better run for his life. i can't believe an adult, and he is a big guy like bob said -- if bob was on that bus would he say i can't get them off. would you jump in? yes, and how old are you? >> there were a lot of people that could have done something. but these punks -- i once had a situation in my school where my daughter was where there was a bully. what you said is you bet the family where they came from was broken or whatever. well, it turns out i went to visit the father of the bully and he himself was a bully. he and i got into it and he ended up being a buddy bully. these punks should be going to jail for at least six months, and then they should be doing
11:35 pm
hard labor and thrown out of the school andyby who videotaped that thing should be brought on display. >> and they robbed him. the juvenile justice system can give serious penalties and they should have the terms and conditions and the probation for a long period of time. they should be expelled from the school. they should be kicked off the bus and should provide some security for the child. >> and the kid that got beaten was doing the right thing by saying these kids tried to sell him drugs and that's what happens when you snitch. you get your butt kicked like that. somebody needs to give that kid a scholarship. sharpen needs to step up and make an example out of this. where was he? this is a real crime and it is sad. >> you have to go back to what do our political leaders have to say about this stuff? nothing. juvenile delinquency has sky rocketed and it is proportional to out of wedlock births. for every broken home there is
11:36 pm
a broken person. it is an epidemic. the president of the united states runs from these kinds of judgments and it is time. we get it. you are a cool president. there are some things you can't be cool about. when you are presiding over a country in decline get the smile off your face and yell. >> the other kids should have jumped in. >> i hope you say something tomorrow that this is unacceptable. >> somebody needs to step up and say something. >> we can keep talking about this, but we have to go. there has been another shake up on late night tv, but this time it is the jokes that are changing. president obama is now the subject of a lot of them. how times have changed coming up. ♪
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tomorrow night president obama will sit down with jay leno for the 6th time. but times have changed his his last appearance in 2012. according to the center for media and public affairs, the president is now the top target for late night comedians. he has been the punch line for 288 jokes in the money log-in the -- monologs. >> people say hey, letterman. why don't you make jokes about obama? i don't make jokes about him because i don't want the fbi tapping my phone. that's why. >> i was going to start off with an obama joke, but i don't want to get audited by the irs. forget that. >> president obama was visiting a middle school and while there he said every school should have high speed internet. and then it got awkward when one kid said, what, so you can read our e-mail faster? >> the white house has a new slogan about benghazi, hope
11:42 pm
and change the subject. thank you, move quickly. >> quite a change from the year before. the only person who comes close to that kind of ridicule is fellow democrat anthony wiener. >> your fellow? >> not my fellow by any stretch of the imagination. all of the late night hosts this year make fun of democrats more than republicans, but letterman still makes fun of republicans more. he is still stiff and radical. >> can i tell you something? the increase in obama jokes happened in the first half of the year after his final election when he cannot be elected anymore. they didn't want to be rude. they wanted to wait until it was an eight-year thing. none of the jokes were about obama. they were about the nsa and the irs. >> what is the case with these joke when's you have an election like this? it is a current affairs and every one of these stories lends itself to jokes. i am not surprised. you should add to that count
11:43 pm
that greg gut fell has had him 384 times. >> remember, bob, when we went to the new york's funniest reporter event and the guy got up and he was the mimic and he could do everybody. he went through all of the presidents and he got to obama and he said i can't do obama's voice. that is balone. >> i am a decent mimic. >> i have heard it. >> do you actually think they held his powder and then all of a sudden they realize let's let this guy have it. do you think because wiener and benghazi and the irs and the nsa, he just gives him more material? >> i think the answer is yes, and yes. i think it is because he is second term. i think there is even more material now and so also there is jay leno who was one of the first to do that and make comments and make jokes that included obama.
11:44 pm
his ratings have gone up by the way. >> he has wiener and spitzer now. what more can you ask for? >> i like jay leno. >> i know i law -- a lot of you beat me up about the lorain gnaw bob bit. >> what did you say? >> if "the five" is still on in four or five years. >> what do you mean if? >> we can do a segment if hillary clinton becomes president how late night talk show comedians will deal with that. it will be much more difficult for them to make fun of her. kimberly said something about me before the commercial -- in the commercial break that was so disturbing that i won't eat for three weeks. >> you can -- no what i said was they came up out with lip gloss. i said you look plump. and she goes, plump? >> on that note, major league
11:45 pm
baseball came down hard on alex rodriguez with a suspension. a-rod is expected to address the punishment momentarily. we will have the details. and later, oprah winfrey gets political with comments about trayvon martin. you'll hear from her. don't go anywhere. ♪
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